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Tomato and Chicken Curry ver.JPN recipe

Tomato and Chicken Curry ver.JPN recipe

Tomato and Chicken Curry ver.JPN recipe
Tomato and Chicken Curry

Tomato and Chicken Curry is a popular curry mainly made of tomato and chicken, cooked with Japanese curry Roux.

I don’t cook on a regular basis, but curry can be madeeasy, so I will review tomato and chicken curry that even people who don’t cook on a regular basis can easily make.

I’m not a culinary expert so I make it roughly


Tomato and Chicken Curry Ingredients

Tomato and Chicken Curry Ingredients
The ingredients required for Tomato and Chicken Curry are listed below.

Ingredients (5 to 6 dishes)

Curry roux
Chicken (as much as you like)
Onion (1 piece)
Canned tomatoes (1 can)
Tomato ketchup (appropriate as much as you like)
Salad oil (about 2 tablespoons)
Water (750 ml)

It’s easy and fastest to make, so there are few ingredients.


Golden Curry Bali Kara Roux

Golden Curry Bali Kara Roux
Golden Curry Bali Kara Roux

It is common to use curry roux when making curry in ordinary Japanese households, the curry roux used this time is Bali Kara of curry roux golden curry, which is also popular in Japan, golden curry roux popular as spicy curry roux A blend of Carolina Reaper with Ghost Pepper. Those who like spicy taste are interested in curry roux.

Wikipedia roux link

Tomato and Chicken Curry Recipe

Tomato and Chicken Curry Recipe
First, chop the onion into small pieces.

Fry the onions
Next, put the finely chopped onions in an oiled frying pan and fry.

Slowly fry the onions on low to medium heat until they turn amber.

Add chicken
Add chicken to the extent that the onions are fried just right, and the heat is about medium heat.

Chicken does not have to be completely burned.

Put a can of tomatoes
When the chicken is browned, add as much tomato cans and tomato ketchup as you like. I thought that the richness of tomato ketchup would affect the richness of tomatoes and chicken curry, so I added more.

Canned tomatoes can be whole tomatoes or cut tomatoes can be used. I cooked with whole tomatoes, so I fry them while breaking the shape of the whole tomatoes.

Add water
When the ingredients are sufficiently fried, add water (750 ml) and cover the pot with a lid so that it can be opened a little.

Stew on low to medium heat for 20 minutes.

Add curry roux
After 20 minutes, turn off the heat and add the curry roux, stir so that it melts as a whole, when you finish adding the curry roux, turn on the heat again on low heat and simmer for about 5 minutes until it thickens, the curry does not burn Stir carefully, and when it thickens, it is complete.

 Impressions of eating

 Impressions of eating
I ate the finished Tomato Chicken Curry over Japanese style rice with “Tomato Chicken Curry rice”. The impression I ate is that the spicy taste type curry roux and tomato taste are in perfect harmony, and the appetite progresses, and it is a taste that does not stop once you start eating. I think I made it well.

I like the taste of curry, so this site also introduces various curries.

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