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Curry Rice 【Japanese beef bowl shop】

Curry Rice【Japanese beef bowl shop】

Japanese beef bowl chain store

It seems to be a specialty project of this site. I ate and compared Curry Rice, a Japanese beef bowl chain store, so I will report on the survey.

Japanese beef bowl chain stores “Yoshinoya”, “Sukiya”, “Matsuya”,  “Nakau” sell not only beef bowls but also curry rice. I will report the price, calories and features this time as well.

Articles comparing eating of Japanese beef bowl chain stores


Curry Rice Japanese Yoshinoya

Curry Rice Japanese Yoshinoya
Yoshinoya curry rice 358 yen (+ tax)

The Yoshinoya curry rice is not so spicy, and there is little curry roux and thickening.


Curry Rice Japanese Sukiya

Curry Rice Japanese Sukiya
Sukiya curry rice 480 yen

Sukiya’s curry rice also has the impression that the curry is less thick, the spice taste is modest and not as spicy as the Yoshinoya

Curry Rice Japanese Matsuya

Curry Rice Japanese Matsuya
Matsuya curry rice 490 yen

Matsuya curry rice has many fans who call Matsuya a curry shop, it has a strong taste, and curry roux is thick, so it is not so spicy. Matsuya’s miso soup comes with curry rice

Curry Rice Japanese Nakau

Curry Rice Japanese Nakau
Nakau curry rice 690 yen

Nakau’s curry rice is named premium beef curry, and it has a strong taste with thick beef and moderate spiciness, but the price is the highest.

Curry Rice Japanese 4 beef bowls 【Comparison】

I summarized the price, calories, and characteristics of curry rice from four beef bowl chain stores.

※Yoshinoya price changed to tax
※Calories are quoted from each company’s homepage
※High numbers are represented in red Low numbers are represented in blue
※Compare sizes in average

Name Price Calorie Feature
Yoshinoya 393 yen 517 kcal Not spicy
Sukiya 480 yen 682 kcal Not spicy
Matsuya 490 yen 735 kcal There is richness With miso soup
Nakau 690 yen 802 kcal Beef is thick There is also richness

The result was extreme. I thought that among curry rice with high price and thick beef, Nakau would inevitably have high calories, but Yoshinoya’s curry rice is cheap and low in calories. Calories tend to be low in calories. I felt that the curry rice of Yoshinoya and Sukiya had few ingredients and was not spicy, so I was more interested in the Yoshinoya, which is cheap and has low calories. Matsuya is a rich curry rice, and the price is just medium, spicy, and if you can afford the richness a little, why not Matsuya?

“Comparative project” that seems to be a specialty project of this site, this time it was a comparison of eating curry rice of 4 Japanese beef bowl chain stores, but I would like to hold this project again

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