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Types of Ramen Japan

Types of Ramen

Types of Ramen
Types of Ramen(Cup Noodles)

With the spread of ramen, cup noodles and instant noodles that are eaten all over the world, it seems that they are familiar because they can be made quickly and eat quickly. Especially in Japan, there are many ramen shops, and the types of ramen There are many types of soup, noodle thickness, etc., which vary from region to region and from store to store, and new ramen is increasing every year.


Types of Ramen a classic taste in Japan

Soy sauce Ramen

The soy sauce and soy sauce ramen that always come out in the taste that Japanese people like are characterized by the richness of the soup.There is a wide range from light-tasting soy sauce ramen to deep-tasting ramen.

Miso Ramen

Miso, which is deeply related to Japanese food culture, has a unique taste in Japan. The characteristic of the taste is the rich richness peculiar to miso, and people who are not Japanese like or dislike it.

Shio Ramen

Shio ramen is a ramen cooked with a uniquely made salt sauce, and basically has a lot of light taste.

Tonkotsu Ramen

Ramen made by boiling pork bones for a long time, ramen soup stock has a lot of pork bones or chicken bones, Tonkotsu is a ramen with a rich and creamy taste that is popular with people visiting from overseas


Types of Ramen with other flavors

Dandan noodles

Noodle dishes with spicy minced meat and shredded Zha cai, which originated in Sichuan, China, are also popular in Japan and are in the ramen category. B I like spicy taste, so my favorite noodles Is one

Ramen based on pork bones and chicken bones

The soup stock ramen with pork bones and chicken stock, and the ratio of soup stock varies depending on the store, but in recent years there are also stores that make ramen with seafood soup stock. The photo is Kokinta, a famous Kagoshima store.

Chicken paitan Ramen

Chicken paitan ramen is a ramen that is made by slowly boiling chicken to make a cloudy soup and adding a unique sauce, and you can feel the taste of chicken. The strength of the taste varies depending on the store.The photo is Tentenyu, a long-established ramen shop in Kyoto.

Articles about ramen shops in Kyoto

The taste of ramen is increasing every year

The basic taste of ramen is as described above. Besides, it is not clear whether it can be called Jiro ramen or ramen, but in Japan such as tsukemen and mixed soba, new ramen is made and disappears. It is a fierce battleground for ramen that is very fashionable and cannot survive unless it tastes really good. Therefore, ramen using ingredients that have never been seen before is born every year, so I would like to continue to introduce it on this site.

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