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Butter Chicken Curry【Japanese Matsuya】

Butter Chicken Curry 【Japanese Matsuya】

Butter Chicken Curry 【Japanese Matsuya】

MatsuyaThe butter chicken curry, which Matsuya fans praised last year at “Matsuya”, which is often introduced on this site, has been revived for a limited time, and I went to eat this year in 2020.

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Butter Chicken Curry Matsuya

Butter Chicken with Curry Mtsuya
Chicken with Curry Regular 680yen

In Matsuya’s English menu, butter chicken curry is sold under the brand name of Butter Chicken with Curry. This is a Matsuya-style arrangement of the popular menu “Butter Chicken Curry” from Matsuya Foods’ curry specialty store “My Curry Shokudo”. Butter Chicken with Curry. I ate for the first time

The size is Regular: 680yen Large: 740yen Single item: 560yen


Butter Chicken  Curry Eat

Butter Chicken  Curry Eat
Butter Chicken with Curry
Butter Chicken  Curry Eat
Soak and eat rice

The taste was mellow because it contained butter. It also tasted a little like coconut milk. It contained a lot of thick chicken, and it was good enough to eat.

After eating the butter chicken curry, I drank miso soup, and I was satisfied with the taste. I usually put miso soup and rice in my mouth in order, but this time I put it in my mouth last. I enjoyed Matsuya differently

The spiciness is not spicy at all

Butter Chicken  Curry Impressions

When Matsuya fans ate the butter chicken curry that they had been waiting for for the first time, I thought that Matsuya’s curry rice had a high degree of perfection and was really a gyudon restaurant. Matsuya’s curry rice is so wonderful that you can play the leading role even though curry rice is a supporting role at the beef bowl shop.

Last time it was a beef stew set meal for a limited time, but I would like to report when an interesting product is sold at Matsuya again.

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