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Pepper steak (Chinjaolose) Japanese beef bowl shop Matsuya

Pepper steak (Chinjaolose)Japanese beef bowl shop Matsuya

Pepper steak (Chinjaolose)Japanese beef bowl shop Matsuya
Pepper steak (Chinjaolose)Matsuya

From Japanese beef bowl shop Matsuya on Wednesday, May 25, 2021
Pepper steak (Chinjaolose) is now on sale. Gyudon restaurant has released Pepper steak, which is a Chinese food, so I thought I couldn’t miss it, so I ate it, so I will review it.

>Matsuya 【Japanese popular menu】

Sorry for the wait! It’s Matsuya OTAKU’s turn! This is the long-awaited Matsuya review by Matsuya fans! What! This time, it ’s Chinese food, Pepper steak!

Pepper steak (Chinjaolose) Set meal Matsuya

Pepper steak (Chinjaolose) Set meal Matsuya
Pepper steak (Chinjaolose) Set meal

Matsuya’s Pepper steak (Chinjaolose) can be ordered separately, but I ordered it as a set meal.

Pepper steak (Chinjaolose) Set meal Price
690 yen / (W set meal) 1,090 yen
potato salad
+60 yen (limited to the above menu)
Single item
490 yen

Pepper steak (Chinjaolose) Set meal is a set of Matsuya’s miso soup and salad with white rice, which is good enough to eat.

Pepper steak
Pepper steak (Chinjaolose)

Pepper steak (Chinjaolose), which is a beef bowl shop with beef, paprika, peppers, and onions fried in oyster sauce, is expected because there is only a beef bowl shop and beef and onions are used as ingredients on a regular basis. The value will increase.

Pepper steak and rice

I ate Pepper steak on top of rice. The rich oyster sauce and beef are intertwined, and it is delicious as expected.


Convert the taste

Convert the taste

I sprinkled pepper on Pepper steak. Pepper steak fried in oyster sauce and chili peppers are quite compatible and more delicious.

Isn’t this a true pepper steak rather than the original pepper steak? It was delicious enough to think. It was an impression that exceeded the original.

Pepper steak with chili pepper was placed on top of the rice, and Beni Shoga was placed on top of it. Even with the addition of Beni Shoga, the texture had a strong presence, but the refreshing flavor gave the impression that it was defeated by the richness of oyster sauce.

The beef bowl shop’s green pepper steak was delicious, to say the least.
Matsuya, a Japanese beef bowl restaurant, has a lot of interesting menus
This time it was Chinese food Pepper steak, but before, Georgian Chkmeruli was also on sale.
Matsuya Review is also a standard project on this website. I look forward to working with you in the future.