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Beef Curry Udon Matsuya

Beef Curry Udon Matsuya

Beef Curry Udon Matsuya
Curry Udon Matsuya

We will review the beef curry udon that is sold only at Matsuya’s West Japan store, which is a Japanese beef bowl store. Matsuya is a beef bowl store, but the curry is also popular, and some fans say that Matsuya is a curry shop. There were many and I was looking forward to ordering.

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Beef curry udon mini rice set

Beef curry udon mini rice set
Beef curry udon mini rice set

I ordered a set of curry udon and small white rice. Beef curry udon mini rice set, curry udon and white rice go great with curry udon soup, and finally I ordered the set menu because I wanted to sprinkle white rice on the curry udon soup.

Price of Matsuya Beef Curry Udon

Beef curry udon separately 660 yen
Beef curry udon mini rice set 730 yen
Beef curry udon mini beef rice set 880 yen
Beef curry udon mini premium beef rice set 930 yen

Matsuya’s English homepage


Beef Curry Udon

Matsuya’s beef curry udon is served after the curry udon and the plate containing the beef are served separately. Put the beef in the curry udon before eating. The taste of curry udon is curry-flavored, but it is not spicy, thick, and can be eaten by people who are not good at spicy taste. The noodles are chewy and have a high level that can be sold as a udon shop. It’s curry udon.

Curry udon and white rice

After eating the beef curry udon noodles, put the remaining white rice in the curry udon soup and eat it. I think that it is one of the ways to enjoy a set of curry udon and white rice, which makes it look like “curry bowl” when you sprinkle curry udon soup on white rice.

Curry bowls are often sold in Japanese udon noodles, etc.

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The impression of eating Matsuya’s beef bowl curry udon is that Matsuya can also do business as a “udon shop”? The taste was so complete that I thought. There are many articles about Matsuya on this site, but I also experienced the greatness of Matsuya. We will continue to pay attention to Matsuya, which introduces various menus.


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