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Japanese set meal

Japanese set meal

Japanese set meal
Japanese set meal

Japanese set meal are often a combination of soup and rice. Introducing popular set meals that are often eaten in Japan and slightly unusual set meals.

In my recent food life, I have more opportunities to eat set meals at restaurants during the day, so I investigated popular set meals and unusual set meals in Japan.

First of all, I will introduce a popular set meal


Japanese set meal Fried chicken set meal(Karaage set meal)

Fried chicken set meal(Karaage set meal)
Fried chicken set meal(Karaage set meal)

The fried chicken set meal is recommended as the most popular menu on ranking sites and most restaurants. In Japan, it is called Karaage, which is different from fried chicken. It is the same as frying chicken in oil, but Karaage chops chicken and seasons it with sauce before frying.

Karaage article


Japanese set meal Tonkatsu set meal

Tonkatsu set meal
Tonkatsu set meal

Tonkatsu fried pork is especially popular with men, and it is standard to eat it with rice by sprinkling sauce, soy sauce or ponzu sauce if you like.

Japanese set meal Pork ginger-grilled set meal

Japanese set meal Pork ginger-grilled set meal
Pork ginger-grilled(shogayaki) set meal

Pork ginger-grilled(shogayaki) pork with a sauce made from ginger goes well with rice, and is a popular food not only for set meals but also for bento side dishes.

Wikipedia link for Pork shogayaki

Japanese set meal Sashimi set meal

Sashimi set meal
Tuna sashimi set meal

The photo shows tuna, a fish that is also popular for sashimi, and raw fish soaked in soy sauce to eat.

The above four set meals are ranked high in the popular set meal ranking. The fried chicken set meal is always the first impression

Japanese set meal Other unusual set meals, etc.

Keema curry pork soup set meal

Pork soup with pork in the ingredients of miso soup, pork soup with keema curry, many Japanese people usually drink miso soup, but it seems that many people from overseas do not like the taste. By adding keema curry to miso soup, the taste of miso may be a little more familiar with the taste of miso with the richness of curry and the taste of coriander.

Chicken Tataki set meal

Chicken Tataki is a dish that is roasted on the surface of chicken, so you need fresh chicken. The impression is that many people eat it with sake rather than eating it with rice.

Gyoza set meal

I also posted an article about grilled dumplings before. Gyoza set meals are also popular, but gyoza that uses garlic has the impression that people who interact with people, such as the hospitality business, are concerned about bad breath and do not eat it at lunch.

Gyoza, Japanese grilled gyoza article

Jumbo chicken cutlet set meal

Jumbo chicken cutlets with big fried chicken are also sold in supermarkets, they are often eaten when hungry, and fried chicken dishes are a favorite of Japanese people.

Ramen set meal

The world-famous Japanese ramen and rice set meal is one of the popular ways to eat, but since rice is also carbohydrate and ramen noodles are also carbohydrate, there are many opinions that eating together is not healthy, but I Haha is my favorite, ramen soup and rice go great

There are so many set meals in Japan that I can’t even introduce them, but if I find an interesting set meal, I’d like to post it again.

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