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Bento Side Dishes Top 5 most popular

Bento Side Dishes Top 5 most popular

Bento Side Dishes Top 5 most popular

Bento special feature in Japan

Bento’s popular side dish overall ranking is as follows in 2017 online information

Wikipedia Bento link


Best 5 ~ Popular side Bento dishes ~

1st “fried egg”
2nd “fried chicken”
3rd “Yakiniku / Shogayaki”
4th “Pork cutlet”
5th “Grilled fish / boiled fish”
6th “fried shrimp”
7th “Wiener”
8th “salad / raw vegetables”
9th “Hamburg”
10th “simmered food”

The top popularity is characterized by a lot of meat and fish

The dishes fried in oil are also very popular, and it seems that the pork cutlet received many votes from men.

This time I actually put the 5 most popular side dishes in the Bento box


Bento name is GARA GARA PON Bento

Bento name is GARA GARA PON Bento

I made the most popular fried egg and the third most popular Yakiniku. I bought fried chicken and pork cutlet at a side dish shop. I grilled the grilled fish

The characteristic of GARA GARA PON Bento is that it does not contain any vegetables.

It is a bento with a slightly poor nutritional balance.

Hotto Motto Bento article

What I found after eating

My number one was grilled fish

When I ate this bento, I thought it was more delicious because it contained a lot of fried food and the taste of grilled fish was light. I regret that yakiniku should be fried with vegetables

Next time, I would like to check it in the ranking format and make something.


Writer / garapei

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