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Grilled Dumplings

Grilled Dumplings

Grilled Dumplings
Grilled Dumplings

Speaking of dumplings that originated in China and dumplings in Japan, grilled dumplings are the mainstream and are very popular foods.

I would like to introduce the history of grilled dumplings and the circumstances of grilled dumplings in Japan.

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History of Grilled dumplings

Regarding the origin of Japanese grilled dumplings, there is no evidence of historical materials, and it is just one theory, but it was after the war (WWII) that grilled dumplings spread all over Japan, not from Chinese dumplings. The prevailing theory is that the Japanese who returned from the northeastern region of China (formerly Manchuria) reproduced the grilled dumplings they ate locally and made them widely. Since it spread from all over Japan at the same time after the war, it is difficult to identify the place of origin and it has not been determined.


A long-established store of grilled dumplings

A long-established store of grilled dumplings
Minmin Grilled dumplings

Minmin is a long-established store that will be 66 years old in 2020, 1000 days before Osaka. Japanese dumplings are characterized by thin skin, but Minmin’s grilled dumplings here are a model of Japanese grilled dumplings. Can be said to be

Grilled dumplings are a popular food day and night

Grilled dumpling set meal

Eating garlic-filled dumplings at lunchtime is often avoided by workers who work in contact with people because they are concerned about bad odors, but it is a popular food for manual workers who need physical strength. The set menu comes with rice and soup, but the dough for grilled dumplings is also flour and carbohydrates, rice is also carbohydrates, Japanese love carbohydrates

The combination of grilled dumplings and beer is popular at night

Popular foods in Japan Grilled dumplings and grilled dumplings are sold at izakaya as well as dumpling specialty stores and Chinese restaurants. It is cooked at home, and chilled and frozen dumplings are also sold at supermarkets. Grilled dumplings are really a popular food in Japan. In addition, I would like to introduce a special article on dumplings other than grilled dumplings on this website.

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