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Ginger Pork Burger McDonald’s

Ginger Pork Burger McDonald’s

Ginger Pork Burger McDonald's
Ginger Pork Burger McDonald’s

Ginger Pork Burger (Japanese name “Yacky”), which was revived for a limited time at McDonald’s in Japan, was released on January 20, 2021, so I will review it.

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Ginger Pork Burger

Ginger Pork Burger
Ginger Pork Burger 200yen 388kcal

Ginger Pork Burger is a hamburger made with juicy pork patties, crispy lettuce and onions that you can enjoy the texture, based on vegetables such as ginger and onions, finished with ginger soy sauce, Japanese McDonald is a 200 yen hamburger Yes, the 200 yen hamburger revival menu is Ginger Pork Burger (Yacky).

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Ginger Pork Burger review

The contents of Ginger Pork Burger are patties, onions and lettuce. According to McDonald’s explanation, “Ginger soy sauce sauce enhances the flavor of ginger and enhances the taste of onions and shiitake extract, which makes it richer!
It has a nostalgic and exquisite taste that makes you feel like you are eating ginger pork, and it is an addictive dish that pursues richness and umami. As I explained, when I actually tried it, the rich taste of ginger was reproduced. It is a hamburger that has a good texture of onions and is well entwined with ginger and soy sauce so that you can eat as many as you like.

I thought it was really amazing to be able to experience this taste for 200 yen.

McDonald’s in Japan is releasing new menus from time to time, so we will review them on this site GARA GARA PON .COM as needed.

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