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Nakau dounburi Raice Bowl Video Review

Nakau dounburi Raice Bowl Video Review

Nakau dounburi Raice Bowl Video Review

Nakau is  I made a video of eating Japanese popular donburi rice bowl store, Nakau beef bowl, oyakodon, and katsudon and released it on YouTube.

This is a review video of eating Nakau’s popular Bowl menu published on You Tube.


Nakau beef bowl

beef bowl

beef bowl(380 yen)Middle size
Nakau’s standard product name, which is sold under the product name of Japanese-style beef bowl, is a soy sauce-based soup stock stewed with beef and onions. I put the ingredients on top of the white rice. Nakau’s beef has a slightly sweet and spicy impression.
literally “beef bowl”, is a Japanese dish consisting of a bowl of rice topped with beef and onion simmered in a mildly sweet sauce flavored with dashi (fish and seaweed stock), soy sauce and mirin (sweet rice wine).[1] It sometimes also includes shirataki noodles, and is sometimes topped with a raw egg or a soft poached egg (onsen tamago). A popular food in Japan, it is commonly served with beni shōga (pickled ginger), shichimi (ground chili pepper), and a side dish of miso soupGyū is the Chinese letter for cow, and don is short for donburi, the Japanese word for “bowl”.

garapei Impressions of eating

Nakau Oyakodon


Oyakodon(490 yen)Middle size
Nakau is also characterized by the fact that there are more bowls using eggs than other gyudon chain stores, and the oyakodon I ate is also a popular item on the egg-based menu.
literally “parent-and-child donburi”, is a donburi, or Japanese rice bowl dish, in which chicken, egg, sliced scallion (or sometimes regular onions), and other ingredients are all simmered together in a kind of soup which is made with soy sauce and stock, and then served on top of a large bowl of rice. The name of the dish is a poetic reflection of the fact that both chicken and egg are used in the dish.[1]

garapei Impressions of eating

Nakau Katsudon


Katsudon (590 yen)Middle size
Katsudon is a classic and popular item of Nakau, and it was the most delicious of the three types of bowls I ate.

garapei Impressions of eating

is a popular Japanese food, a bowl of rice topped with a deep-fried pork cutlet, egg, vegetables, and condiments.
The dish takes its name from the Japanese words tonkatsu (for pork cutlet) and donburi (for rice bowl dish)

Donburi is a popular food that can be easily eaten in Japan, and there are many types in addition to the three types introduced here. I would like to continue to introduce rice bowls.

I love rice bowls.

Roast beef bowl【Nakau】article


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