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Hanshin Koshien Stadium

Hanshin Koshien Stadium

Hanshin Koshien Stadium
Hanshin Koshien Stadium

I went to Hanshin Koshien Stadium, the home of the Hanshin Tigers, which is also popular with Nippon Professional Baseball (NPB), so I will write about it.


Koshien Stadium

Koshien Stadium has a long history, and Babe Ruth used to play it.
It is also famous for the national high school baseball tournament and high school baseball tournament held in spring and summer.

You Tube video of Hanshin Koshien Stadium

Hanshin Koshien Stadium (Hanshin Kōshien Kyūjō), commonly referred to as simply Koshien Stadium, is a baseball park located near Kobe in NishinomiyaHyōgo Prefecture, Japan. The stadium was built to host the national high school baseball tournaments, and opened on August 1, 1924. It was the largest stadium in Asia at the time it was completed, with a capacity of 55,000.

The name Kōshien  comes from the Sexagenary cycle system. The year of the stadium’s founding, 1924, was the first year kōshi  in the cycle. The design of the stadium was heavily influenced by the Polo Grounds in New York City. In 1936 it became the home stadium for the Osaka Tigers (current Hanshin Tigers), now with the Central League. On February 14, 1964, Hanshin, the Tigers’ owners, was appended to the name of Koshien Stadium.

In addition to the annual National High School Baseball Championship, played in August, the stadium hosts the annual National High School Baseball Invitational Tournament in March, a smaller, invitational tournament. Both tournaments are generally known simply as Kōshien. The high school tournaments are given a higher priority, with any tournament games that need to be rescheduled forcing the Tigers to postpone conflicting home games. It also hosts Japan’s American college football national championship game, the Koshien Bowl.

Legendary baseball player Babe Ruth played an exhibition game at Koshien on his Japan tour in 1934. There is a plaque at the stadium commemorating the event.[2]


2020 watching manners

The temperature is measured at the entrance gate, and a mask is worn while watching the game. You can eat and drink, and alcoholic beverages are sold up to the bottom of the sixth.

I hope you can live a safe and secure life quickly

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