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KitKat Maple Flavor 【New Flavors of Japan】

KitKat Maple Flavor 【New Flavors of Japan】

KitKat Maple Flavor 【New Flavors of Japan】
KitKat Maple Flavor

KitKat Maple Flavor was released in Japan on April 19, 2021. It’s a new flavor, I bought it on the day of release, so I’ll review it.

Sorry for the wait! It’s KitKat OTAKU’s turn! This time is a review of the newly released maple flavor!

KitKat Maple Flavor Package

KitKat Maple Flavor Package
The back of the KitKat Maple Flavor package

The impression of seeing the KitKat Maple Flavor package focuses on the colorful package, which is sold for a limited time to create opportunities to think about environmental issues and the future of the earth. Illustrations of original designs by supporting artist SUGI are posted on the outer bag and individual wrapping. The individually wrapped package contains a message that members of the activity group “MIMO” run by model Mila Aina want to convey to the world.

A message from SUGI, who was in charge of package design, is written in Japanese on the back of the KitKat maple flavor package, and when converted to English, it is written as follows.

When I encountered various problems in a world that no one had imagined, I thought I couldn’t change the world myself.
Think for yourself and interact with people to find out what is important
Recently, I’ve come to think a lot.
I believe that art is a symbol of peace.
Accept, think and tell someone what you feel.
If you’re not good at speaking, write it down and keep it in your chest.
Look at the picture and feel it
I want you to talk to someone
I was absorbed in my heart with a strong feeling.

SUGI message Convert to English

It was SUGI’s message about art.

Individual packaging

Individual packaging
KitKat Maple Flavor Individual packaging

The individual wrapping message was created by a member of MIMO launched by Japanese fashion model Mila Aina.

The message is written as follows

English Language                       Japanese Language

What did you do rather than where you did it?                                                  どこでやったかよりも何をやったか。
Eco-friendly                             エコを身近に
Current affairs that are more exciting than love bana         恋バナ以上に盛り上がる時事問題
A step to change from despair to hope               絶望から希望に変えるための一歩
Creating a vibrant and sustainable world with young energy     活気あるサステナブルな世界を若きエネルギーで作り出す

The KitKat Maple Flavor is a mini size 12 pieces, and the message of the individual packaging of the KitKat Maple Flavor I purchased was the above message. There are likely to be other types of messages.

Impressions of eating Maple Flavor

Impressions of eating Maple Flavor

The individual packaging of KitKat Maple Flavor was opened. The color of the chocolate is close to the skin color, and the moment it was opened from the individual wrapping, it had the scent of maple.

KitKat Maple Flavor

I split the KitKat Maple Flavor in half. The chocolate inside is also close to the skin color.

The taste is very sweet with maple, and the aftertaste is not so sweet, it is just the right balance of sweetness.

Maple flavor, a popular confectionery kit cut sold all over the world, was a delicious maple flavor KitKat in a package with a message that thought about the future of the world.

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We will continue to post articles on KitKat flavor reviews on this site as well.

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