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Sakurajima Kagoshima

Sakurajima Kagoshima

It is a story that I went to Sakurajima in Kagoshima in the Kyushu region of Japan in 2020.

Sakurajima is an island, a volcano, and an active volcano that is still erupting in Kagoshima Bay.

Sakurajima is a stratovolcano. Its summit has three peaks, Kita-dake (northern peak), Naka-dake (central peak) and Minami-dake (southern peak) which is active now.

Kita-dake is Sakurajima’s highest peak, rising to 1,117 m (3,665 ft) above sea level. The mountain is in a part of Kagoshima Bay known as Kinkō-wan. The former island is part of the city of Kagoshima.[6] The surface of this volcanic peninsula is about 77 km2 (30 sq mi).


Sakurajima is about 12km east-west, about 10km north-south, about 55km in circumference, and about 77km in area.

To get to Sakurajima, take the ferry that runs from Kagoshima Port.


Sakurajima Ferry

Sakurajima Ferry
Ferry from Kagoshima Port Sakurajima Ferry

It takes about 15 minutes from Kagoshima Port to Sakurajima Port, and the regular passenger fare is 200 yen for adults one way.

As the locals told me, the famous Sakurajima Ferry I got on was the Yabukin Udon on board.


Yabukin Udon


It is a specialty of the locals to eat within 15 minutes to Sakurajima Port, and it seems to be fun to eat on board.

The weather was cloudy because it was the rainy season in Japan as well. I took a picture of Sakurajima from the ferry, but I didn’t know if it was erupting.


Sakurajima taken from the ferry
Screaming portrait

In 2004, Japanese singer Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi’s Sakurajima All Night Concert was held. 75,000 people from all over Japan gathered on Sakurajima, which has a population of about 6,000. A portrait made to leave that impression

Sakurajima does not have many buses, but there are buses, so I took a bus to the observatory.

Yunohira Observatory

Yunohira Observatory
It’s cloudy and hard to understand, but in Kagoshima city

Sakurajima is Kagoshima’s number one tourist attraction. It was a pity that the weather was cloudy on the day, but the nature was abundant and I was able to spend a relaxing time.

Pray for fine weather the next time you go


Writer / garapei