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NARUTO Characters 【Japanese characters】

NARUTO Characters 【Japanese characters】

NARUTO Characters 【Japanese characters】

Introducing some of the popular and characters of the world’s most popular Japanese manga Naruto in Japanese characters.

This site GARA GARA PON.COM also posts articles on Japanese characters, so this time I would like to introduce the Japanese character names of the characters in the popular manga NARUTO.

The characters of NARUTO are also characterized by the fact that many of them have names that are a mixture of “Hiragana,” “Katakana,” and “Kanji.”

Wikipedia article on NARUTO


What is NARUTO?

A battle action manga in which ninjas engage in flashy battles by making full use of their supernatural abilities “ninjutsu,” “taijutsu,” “illusion,” and “senjutsu.”
In the world view that skillfully worked on folk tales, folklore, and religious homages from all over Asia, the friendship between the main character and friends, betrayal and revenge, and the bonds of teachers and families are drawn as the center, and the world of shinobi and its origin It is a very popular manga serialized for about 15 years in Japan’s Weekly Shonen Jump, which has a multi-layered story development including history.


NARUTO Characters Japanese characters 【Popular characters】

I will introduce the character of NARUTO, the name of the Japanese character of the character is written in the pasted image

Some people may be subscribing to Naruto now, so I will refrain from talking about it.

Uzumaki Naruto Japanese Characters

Uzumaki Naruto Japanese Characters
Uzumaki Naruto

Naruto Uzumaki, the main character of the manga Naruto, a ninja aiming for the top Hokage of Konoha no Sato, and Ninjutsu, which is synonymous with Naruto, are probably shadow clones.

Uzumaki Naruto’s name is “Uzumaki” in hiragana and “Naruto” in katakana.

Uchiha Sasuke Japanese Characters

Uchiha Sasuke Japanese Characters
Uchiha Sasuke

Naruto’s rival, Uchiha Sasuke, was born of the talented Uchiha clan, and the Uchiha clan is characterized by one of the most powerful pupils in the work, “Sharingan”, which makes full use of fire and thunder. Good and popular with women

Uchiha Sasuke is “Uchiha” is hiragana “Sasuke” is katakana

Gaara Japanese Characters

Gaara Japanese Characters

Naruto, the character of the sand-hidden village who spent a hard childhood, met at the time of the Chunin test, and the Chinese character written on the forehead means “love”, also called “Desert Gaara”. Use sand-based ninja techniques

“Gaara” is a kanji

Uchiha Itachi Japanese Characters

Uchiha Itachi Japanese Characters
Uchiha Itachi

Uchiha Itachi kills the Uchiha clan other than Uhiha Sasuke’s brother, Sasuke, and is in the “Akatsuki” of the criminal group. The illusions “Moon Reading” and “Tensho” drawn out from “Sharingan” are quite powerful, the costume of “Akatsuki” is cool, and it is often worn in costume play costumes.

Uchiha Itachi is “Uchiha” is hiragana “Itachi” is katakana

There are other popular characters, but this time I will leave it here

NARUTO Characters Japanese characters 【Other characters】

Since it is a manga serialized for 15 years, there are quite a lot of characters, and I would like to introduce some of the other characters.

Orochimaru Japanese Characters

Orochimaru Japanese Characters

Orochimaru uses one of the legendary three ninjas alongside “Jiraiya” and “Tsunade”, ninjutsu using snakes, and “Pure Land Reincarnation Technique” to revive the dead. In the story, it appeared from the Chunin test edition, and it appeared from an early stage.

“Orochimaru” is a kanji

Hyuga Hinata Japanese Characters

Hyuga Hinata Japanese Characters
Hyuga Hinata

Hyuga Hinata is from the prestigious Hyuga clan in Konoha no Sato, and is a character who likes Naruto, the main character who uses the “Byakugan” pupil technique, which is comparable to the Sharingan, and is a popular character for men with cute looks.

Hyuga HInata is a”Hyuga” is a kanji and “Hinata” is hiragana

Deidara  Japanese Characters

Deidara  Japanese Characters

Deidara is a ninjutsu that belongs to the same dawn as Itachi, using a ninjutsu that creates an explosive by feeding a special clay to the mouth in the palm, “art is an explosion” is a saying.

Deidara’s “Deidara” is katakana

NARUTO Characters Japanese characters 【memories】

This time there were only some characters, but Naruto has a long story, and I would like to introduce Japanese characters such as major characters such as “Kakashi Hatake” and “Sakura Haruno” next time. I was always looking forward to the Weekly Shonen Jump that will be released on Monday. I tried to express popular manga in Japanese characters on the GARA GARA PON.COM blog, which is too many to talk about, such as moving scenes, exciting scenes, and exciting ninjutsu scenes. I hope you will be interested in Japanese characters as a trigger.

We also recommend a video that reads out the Naruto character name in Japanese on YouTube. It seems that you can find Japanese characters for your favorite character.

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