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Mysterious Kifune Shrine kyouto

Mysterious Kifune Shrine kyoto

Mysterious Kifune Shrine kyoto
Kifune Shrine

Kifune Shrine in Kyoto is a famous shrine in Japan as a power spot for marriage. The location along the worship with the Kibune River is mysterious


What is Kifune Shrine?

What is Kifune Shrine?
Kifune Shrine torii

Kifune Shrine is a shrine that enshrines the god of water, Takaokami. It has been worshiped as a god of prayer rain since ancient times. As a god of water, he is worshiped by people in the cooking and cooking industries and businesses dealing with water all over the country.


The precincts of Kifune Shrine

The precincts of Kifune Shrine
Map of Kifune Shrine

The main shrine of Kibune Shrine is divided into three parts: the main shrine(Hongu), the association (Nakamiya), and the Okumiya.

kifune Shrine Hongu

Kifune Shrine is also famous for marriage, and there were many worshipers of couples.

Kifune Shrine Place of origin of Ema

Kifune Shrine Place of origin of Ema
Kifune Shrine Place of origin of Ema

Kibune Shrine is also famous for the birthplace of Ema, and Ema is a wooden board with a picture that is dedicated to shrines and temples when praying to a shrine or temple, or when a prayer is fulfilled and a reward is given.

Wikipedia’s Ema link

Kifune Shrine Water fortune(Omikuji)

Kifune Shrine Water fortune
Water fortune

Omikuji is held at every shrine in Japan, and the Omikuji that is soaked in water is a rare type. The result was Suekichi. Suekichi was not a very good category, and it was not written well. In the previous article on Shimogamo Shrine, I gave a water fortune, but the result was the same.

I also did a water fortune at Shimogamo Shrine

Kifune Shrine Nakamiya

Nakamiya is located between the main shrine and the okumiya, 300 meters upstream from the main shrine. It is also called Nakamiya because of its location. It is worshiped as a god of marriage with Iwanaga Himemei as a deity. There are the following folklore as the reason why Iwanaga Himemei was regarded as the god of marriage. When Tenson Korin-no-Takeshi tried to marry Iwanaga Himemei’s younger sister Konohanasakuya Hime, her sister’s father, Oyama Tsumi, also served Iwanaga Himemei. However, since Ninigi-no-Mikoto married only Konohanasakuyahime, Iwanagahime was ashamed of it and said, “Give a good match as a god of marriage,” and calmed down here.

Amaenoiwahune is a natural stone and weighs 6 tons from the mountains of Kifune.

The approach from Kifune Shrine Nakamiya to Okumiya

The atmosphere along the Kifune River that runs along the approach is good, and the restaurants along the river are famous for Kawadoko cuisine and are expensive, so I couldn’t go there. If I can afford it, I would like to go there once as an experience

Kifune Shrine Okumiya

Okumiya used to be the main shrine here. The god of darkness (Kuraokami no Kami) is the god of worship, but it is said to be the same god as the god of high dragons.

It is said that there is a dragon hole under the main shrine of Okumiya, and it is also famous as a power spot.

The space surrounded by trees was mysterious

Kifune Shrine Okumiya Entertainment

An event was held in Okumiya on the day I went and it was crowded. The letters KIFUNE were cute on the candles of the fortune teller

Kifune Shrine Boat stone

Boat stone
Boat stone

It is said that the boat-shaped stone was a long time ago when the yellow ship on which Tamayori-hime was riding was covered with stone and hidden.

Impressions of Kifune Shrine

Before I went to Kibune Shrine, I went to Mt. Kurama, went down the mountain, and came here. The scenery around here is wonderful, but it is a wonderful place that I think is mysterious because it is a stage and there are many anecdotes about Japanese mythology. I’m curious about Kawadoko cuisine, so I’d like to come here again next time.

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