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Various countries

I went to various countries

  • 26/11/2020
  • 29/01/2021

The Great wall of china

The Great wall of china A long time ago, when I was in elementary school, I learned about the Great […]

  • 19/11/2020
  • 13/01/2021

Korean Demilitarized Zone

Korean Demilitarized Zone This is an article about the Korean Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) tour that I participated in when I […]

  • 11/11/2020
  • 14/01/2021

Shilin Night Market Taiwan

Shilin Night Market Taiwan Speaking of Taipei night in Taiwan, I enjoyed sightseeing in Shilin Night Market and Taipei, so […]

  • 07/11/2020
  • 14/01/2021

Riga old town Latvia

Riga old town Latvia Riga, the capital of Latvia, one of the three Baltic states, is called the pearl of […]

  • 05/11/2020
  • 15/01/2021

Halong Bay Hanoi Vietnam

Halong Bay Hanoi Vietnam The scenery of Halong Bay, which is famous as a World Heritage Site in Vietnam, 3,000 […]

  • 05/11/2020
  • 27/01/2021

Mandalay Palace Myanmar

Mandalay Palace Myanmar This is a story about going to the Mandalay Palace in Mandalay, the second largest city in […]

  • 03/11/2020
  • 27/01/2021

Jim Thompson House Thailand

Jim Thompson House Thailand Jim Thompson House, which is well-known as a tourist attraction in Bangkok, has a wonderful structure […]

  • 31/10/2020
  • 29/01/2021

Yangon Tourism Myanmar

Yangon Tourism Myanmar Yangon is the old capital and the largest city in the country, and Myanmar is famous for […]

  • 28/10/2020
  • 16/01/2021

Independence Palace Vietnam

Independence Palace Vietnam The day after playing at BaNa Hills in Da Nang, I flew to Ho Chi Minh to […]